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Open your heart, share your home!

Make life-long connections and embrace new cultures in your family! Positively impact the life of your family by hosting an International HSUSA student in your loving home! From married, single, empty nesters, young kids, teenage kids, or no kids - HSUSA welcomes any host able to provide a safe home, three square meals, and loving support.

Becoming a  Host Family is embarking on a new adventure. The daily rhythm: getting up, going to bed, evenings, meals; the holidays: "Thanksgiving", Christmas, "Halloween", birthdays; special events: barbecue, cinema, bowling, visits ... all are different with a new family member from another culture in your home.  Being an HSUSA Host Family makes your exchange student part of your family.

Why Hosting?

Benefits of being a host family include:

  • Sharing your story, traditions, and customs while learning about others

  • Experiencing what it’s like to have another sibling

  • Introduction to a different culture and country

  • Learning a new language

  • Exposing your school and community to the world

  • Appreciating your own family, country, and culture

  • Lifelong connections to your student and their family abroad.

  • Informal exchanges as your kids or yourself are invited to visit their home and country

More than a bed, a second family!

More Than a Bed

Hosting an exchange student means more than providing a bed and meals. As an HSUSA Host Family, you’ll welcome a new member into your home, share your everyday lives, and grow as you get to know each other and share your cultural perspectives. You’ll be surprised at how much you learn about yourself, your family, and your community.


We match students with host families based on personality traits, hobbies or extracurricular interests, family make-up, and more. That way you feel less like a guest and more like a member of the family. We consider the relationship between a student and host family to be the most important relationship of the student's exchange year. 

Basics of hosting


A Happy, Healthy Home:

A bed, a place to study, and a place they can call "home". 



Three a day- Host families provide the basics. It is again a way to promote your vision of the American Lifestyle.



It could be the public school bus or the host family or friends provide rides for where the student needs to go. 



Listen, guide, love & treat them as your own. Hosting is all about sharing your version of America with an exchange student.

Host Testimomonials

Open your home to the world!

NYC Skyline BW
Pam Edelman

From Orange (Virginia) >

Hosted George, from Bulgaria

Orange County High School


'We have hosted many times before from all over the world. We even ended up helping one of our exchange students come back to America and he’s like one of our family now. We enjoy opening up our home to these students and letting them be part of our family. It gives us a chance to get to know them and learn about another culture. We even ended up helping one of our exchange students come back to America.'

NYC Skyline BW
Patty Carrubba

From Palmyra (Virginia) >

Hosted Fatma, from Egypt
Fluvanna County High School


"Hosting has been phenomenal! Fatma has added a lot of excitement to our lives.


We wanted to give her a real American experience so we took trips to Florida to Disney World, to New York to see a Broadway show, and many other local trips in Virginia."

NYC Skyline BW
Kim Moberly

From Inwood (West Virginia) >

Hosted Tim, from The Nederlands
Musselman High School


"We asked Steve [our Local Coordinator] to find us a guy who liked sports because we are a sports family. Tim, from the Netherlands, clicked right along with our family last year. While he was here, he got to go along with us on our Christmas trip to the Bahamas and really had a great time. I think he really enjoyed the American holidays."

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